Wednesday, May 6, 2009

My B-day

Saturday, May 2nd was birthday and National Scrapbook Day! My scrappin buddies surprised me with a cake for my b-day (among other WONDERFUL things!).

Left to, Marilyn, and Paula. Newbie Julie is behind the camera taking the picture!

Thank you guys for making my birthday so great. You guys are the bestest!!!!


Laurie Flannery said...

Happy belated Birthday. You have a very nice blog.

Paula said...

Hey, What's with advertising my double chin?

Anne-Marie said...

HI Bonnie,
I do not know if you received my last note. First, a very Happy Belated Birthday. I came home from the hospital on the first. This knee was a little more work than the left, but is coming along. I cannot sit for to long on my system. But, I must say your new cards certainly placed a smile on my fact. Have a great Memorial Weekend. Anne