Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Cabanas we have a theme crop each cycle of our scrapbook group. This cycle, the theme was Travel Destinations. Did we pick Paris? Did we pick Egypt? No! We picked Albuquerque! SO, after the last them crop, we had to bring it...and it had to be big! Well, if you are going to Albuquerque, you're most likely there for the balloon festival. So, that was what we did. This "special shape" balloon was the result of a hoola hoop, some plastic table clothes, some duck tape, and a blower motor. MacGuyver would be proud!

The ballon was 7 feet tall and about 7 feet wide too! It has a "wicker basket" on the bottom, though I am not sure if you can tell from this picture. Left to right are my table mates: Marilyn (tourist), Donna (passenger), Paula (zebra-launch coordinator), and me, Bonnie (the pilot).

We won the theme crop...we're two for two now!!!!

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