Sunday, February 15, 2009

Welcome to my blog!

SOOOOOO....Paula, who is my very talented and sometimes goofy (in a good way!) friend, has been bugging me to start my own blog. So, here it is! Are you happy now Paula???

Here I will share some of my creations...scrapbooking, cards, calendars, general crafting, etc. But first, let me share with you where the name of my blog comes from. My "kids" are of the four legged variety...less trouble and no college expenses!!! But, in all honesty, they are probably MORE spoiled than the kids with 2 legs!!!!

So, let's take a look...

This would be Jazz. Her real name was Jasmine. But, I always called her Jazz. She was a Lhasa Apso. She was the oldest of my "kids". She was my constant companion. She saw me through some good times...and some bad times! Man, could she snore!!!!! We did everything together. She was with me until the ripe old age of 14. She is in puppy heaven now...but, FOREVER in my heart.

This would be Gidget. She is a Yorkie and the baby of my "kids". She is now 4. She keeps me laughing every day! She is the funniest little dog. Even Paula, who is not a fan of little dogs, LOVES her! She has a ton of personality! She came to us from my brother Jim in Kansas. She flew home with us on a plane and nobody even knew she was there! She became Jazz's eyes when Jazz could no longer see anymore. I kid you not...after Jazz fell down the stairs once, she started running in front of Jazz and rerouting her when she was headed for the stairs. I joked that my dog had a seeing eye dog!

There is another one here...not mentioned in the Title of my blog. This is Mittens...aka...Mitty Kitty Fat Cat! She is not in the title of the blog for one reason and one reason only...just how long do you want my title to be???? She is another one of my very funny "kids". It was not unusual to see her washing the faces of Jazz and Gidget. She would walk up to them and just smack them up side the head occasionally! She was the momma of the "kids". She came to me shortly after Jazz and lived to be almost 14. She is now gone with Jazz. And I am CERTAIN they are both raising heck with my dad!

So, those are my kids...and this is the start of my blog. I look forward to showing you some of my stuff. I'm not sure exactly how often I will post. But, please check back!

As I say all the time..."This is me...take it or leave it!"


Paula said...

Congrats and welcome to the world of blogging. Your off to a good start. I love all the pictures of your favorite animals. I of course have a soft spot for the middle one. Gidget's a star!

Anne-Marie said...

HI Bonnie,
Joyce forwarded your BLOG to me, and I think it is fabulous, but of course it was created by a very talented gal. Anne-Marie

Anonymous said...
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Scrubbybubbles(sue) said...

Awww...your fur babies are just precious!

Anonymous said...
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