Wednesday, February 18, 2009

March Homepage contest

This is a card that I did for the March homepage challenge on the Magnolia-licious yahoo group. The guidelines were...the primary color had to be green and there had to be three of something. So, I punched out a bazillion shamrocks in several colors and shaped them so they pop off the page (you can't really tell that from the picture). Notice the 3 gold coins that fell out of the pot of gold?


Anne-Marie said...

Bonnie, These two cards are fabulous. You certainly can give the graphic artists at Hallmark or anyother card company a run for their money. Just call me prejudice.

Paula said...

This should be the homepage for March! It is great. What did you use for the coins?

Lucy said...

I think you should go public!! I'll place my order now for some Christmas Cards! It's terrific!!!!!! Way to go girl!