Tuesday, March 10, 2009

New Card

I made this card for Joyce, who wanted a baby shower card for her daughter-in-law. She wanted me to use this Tilda stamp, include butterflies, and make the primary color pink. She like the insides to be blank so she can write her own messages in it. She has a true appreciation for the cards I make...which is why I like to make them for her!

I like this card becasue it is very dimensional...so dimensional that it is kind of hard to fit it in the envelope! The flower is two layers and she is popped up sitting on it. The butterflies are popped off the card tto with their wings curled in flight...but you can't really tell from the picture!

Oh well...I like it!


Jacque said...

Hi Bonnie...I like it too...she is so cute sitting up on that posie...Thanks for sharing...Hugs...Jacque

victoriansoup said...

I love it! I love how she sits on the flower! Great idea!! Great coloring!

Anne-Marie said...

Another great piece. I would frame it after the shower, and hang it in the baby's room.

Christine said...

Love it!!! What a great idea for her to sit on a flower. I would have never thought to do that and I have quite a few Tildas that I struggle with because I have nothing for them to sit on. I am certainly going to CASE your idea. Beautiful work! Thanks for sharing it with us. Have a great day!

Pat said...

I love how Tilda sits on the flower! Nice blog!